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This information is for you personally if you're planning to obtain direct by (dth) service, TATA SKY is just one of your choices or you zeroed on TATA SKY.

TATA is among the top most brands in India. As being a huge business group spread from consumer items to It, Mobile phone industry's least expensive vehicle Nano to Jaguar/Land Rover, light commercial automobiles to earch moving equipment, Energy Production to Consumer retail, TATA is a very common and reliable title in India. TATA Sky's their DTH division and is among the initial newcomers in to the dth space in India.

After 2 yrs of really bad service from SunDirect(I'll write another review about sundirect), I finally made the decision to discontinue sundirect service and re-locate. I'd two primary options, 1. Local cable wala 2. DTH from another provider. The DTH companies apart from Sun are Airtel, Large TV, Dish TV, TATA Sky and Videocon. While Dish TV and TATA Sky are old gamers in DTH, Airtel and Large TV are late newcomers and Videocon is extremely new.

Cable guy was eliminated as my area had just one provider and he isn't a sort guy because of his monopoly in the region. At Rs.250/- per month, this made no sense. When we choose an optimal package, we are able to get DTH for similar or a bit more cost. With DTH we get a far greater viewing experience. Videocon was eliminated as I didn't want to choose this type of new operator(after my knowledge about Sun). Airtel and Large TV are out as their packages didn't suit me. BTW, Airtel offers discount for brand new connection if you're already their custmer. So if you're an Airtel customer already(cell phone/landline/broadband), make sure to check special deals.

I am playing Dish TV and TATA Sky. I've many buddies who're using TATA sky and that i haven't heard one saying an adverse factor about TATA Sky. These were pleased with TATA Sky. While my research and comparision of Dish TV and TATA sky was still being going, TATA Sky arrived on the scene with a brand new offer of Rs.999/-(no conditions apply). The characteristics of TATA Sky coupled with TATAs brand value which cost immediately made election for TATA Sky. Once we were on holiday, I postponed the acquisition. Throughout this time around they've added another awesome package i.e., Ala Carte. They've made all of the channels available under ala carte, the only real condition would be that the minimum monthly of these channels ought to be atleast Rs.150/-

Aside from these, TATA Sky's the only real operator that provides some interactive channels for children(games, maths, tales etc), channels for learning British, cooking etc. These interactive channels aren't a part of standard subscription. You have to sign up for them seperately.

Other intersting offer was, If you buy TATA Sky online for Rs.999/-, buying one month of the Grand package free that was Rs.350/- normally. If you purchase TATA Sky outdoors, you will not have any subscription, you'll have to pay extra according to your choice of package. And So I made the decision to choose having to pay online that will bring lower my purchase cost to Rs.649/- and will also also produce a several weeks time to select a deal or to select which channels to choose just in case of Ala Carte. The internetOrIVR purchase also will get you 4 showcase movies aside from 30 days grand pack. This can further lower your cost by Rs.200/- if you want to determine these movies.

On 24th Jan, I visited the website to proceed with purchase. I visited their order online . Around the left from the page, there's something known as "Click 2 Connect" which states "To understand much more about the offers or assistance pleas enter your mobile number here and our connect will instantly phone youInch. These type of situations are usually fancy on many Indian sites instead of functional. Not expecting a phone call,I joined my number clicked on submit and was on-going to press "buy now" at the end. My phone rang before Used to do that, that’s under 2 seconds. I truly loved this part.

The man on phone was useful, kind and provided all the details I needed. Also, he explained that certain month free package is going to be available even when I put the order about this call using IVR, or I'm able to put it online. The main difference he stated was the IVR order is going to be processed immediately and also the online order process will take some longer. Basically complete an order now, he stated cellular phone is going to be done tomorrow. Whether this person was wrong or right concerning the delay of online purchase, I went ahead using the purchase on IVR when i was at no mood to hold back after having to pay. It had been around 10am on 24th Jan.

Purchase completed, and according to this person on the telephone I'll obtain a call following day and also the installation is going to be completed on the day that, i.e., 25th Jan. To my surprice, I acquired a phone call exactly in a single hour, i.e., 24th Jan around 11am from local distributor. He was asking me whether they can visit how to complete cellular phone. I requested him in the future following day morning when i was heading out. This appeared really fast.

Following day, 25th Jan, local distributor known as me sharp at 10am, however i couldn't go ahead and take call. After I came back the phone call after a while, he stated he's sent the service engineers to accomplish another installation as I didn't go ahead and take call which they'll complete my installation within the mid-day. That’s fine beside me, appeared genuine.

I acquired a phone call using their service engineer around 2PM and also the installation was performed by 3PM. The service engineers completed cellular phone, provided all of the fundamental particulars and described using features, provided his and the company contact amounts for service and left.

Cellular phone experience was good and that i really was pleased with exactly what happened to date.

The benefits didn't last lengthy, :(. Everything was working great till evening, but next morning there is an problem using the remote/stb. After previewing a funnel, a next press on "Choose" button should take me fully screen look at the funnel. It was not happening. I needed to press back button 3 times revisit full screen mode. After 2 yrs with SunDirect, I wasn't ready with this garbage again. There have been a few pre-determined questions i believe in the point,

 How quickly will thy deal with the issue(sun direct really was lazy),

 Can they accept this error or simply hightail it saying "this is the way it'sInch(another well-known answer by various service companies here, whether it is mobile, landline, dth, whatever).

 When they accept the mistake,a) can they replace this area b) say "this can be a minor problem we cant replace this area with thisInch or c) go ahead and take box to rectify it and have it fixed(departing me without tv for couple of days).

I known as the service engineer who provided his number yesterday and also the guy stated he'll visit by 12pm. He didn't visit. When the purchase is performed, missing time lines and visits is really common. I known as the man at 12:30 and requested him in the future next morning when i was heading out. The man didn't arrive till 1pm on the following day. I gave him a phone call and that he stated he'll be going to in a while. That’s ok.

The man came around 2:30pm. In comparison to my sun direct experience, this really is in reality super fast and prompt. The man checked the issue, attempted energy on / off again(the most typical and first problem solving choice of any problem in electronics). This didn't help. Then he attempted resetting this area and alas, everything was working. Thankfully.

TATA Sky's around ten days old for me personally now, and to date the knowledge continues to be good. No hardware or signal issues following the remote problem pointed out above.

A week ago, there is more interesting news for me personally,

 TATA Sky has slashed service and moving charges by 64%. They've reduced the costs from Rs.350/- to Rs.125/-.Wow.

 They're managing a cash return offer up until the seventh of the month, i.e., seventh february 2011. I have to recharge in whatever way, and making this good.

So that’s the knowledge I'd to date with TATA Sky. I'll shortly write my review on Sun Direct, and TATA Sky usage.

Some Sights:

 After I bought SUN DIRECT 2 yrs back, it had been moreover Rs.999/-, but there is a small print where there is Rs.1000/- installation charges. But nonetheless, this Rs.1999/- incorporated their twelve months of subscription for their fundamental south package. It had been pretty good whether it had labored correctly.

 TATA SKY Ala Carte - Though this appears very lucrative, its very costly unless of course you do not watch more five to six channels. This really is only helpful for that seniors who stick three or four channels.

 The totally reset process isn't a menu option or perhaps a hardware button. It belongs to TATA Sky secret menu. I found learn about this as the service guy was resetting my box. The secrect menu pops up whenever you press the next buttons with no gap, "Organiser" "5" "" "1" "Choose"

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